Written In The Stars

Dec 22 - Jan 19
I Use. Capricorn is the hermit, the father, the world leader, and the timeless teacher. The 10thsign of the zodiac is serious, ambitious, business savvy, and full of timeless wisdom. This grounded sign finds pleasure in work and for good reason: Capricorn is a good worker. So good, in fact, that Capricorn has a hard time delegating tasks to anyone else because he/she is so confident that he/she will do a better job. The more you put in, says Capricorn, the more you get out. Capricorn is also loyal and monogamous. This sign moves through life cautiously and meticulously. A major life lesson for Capricorn: learning to use his/her natural power and assume the role of a teacher.
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Luck Charm
Dark Brown
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"Why fix what ain't broken?" Capricorns come from a place of tradition and legacy. They think that things that have been around forever have been around for a reason, with the reason being, this is the way to do it because it has survived generations. Even witty, old catch phrases are a part of their core and their enherent philosophy. "If it was good enough for me, then it is good enough for you." The intelligence of this earth sign, however, is the most of the socially awkward. Clumsy, flat, and most times off putting in their personality, it's hard to determine if you can even get mad at this goat sign because they don't often realize the brash, insulting ignorance that often escapes their mouths and the most uncomfortable of moments. Trustworthiness and responsibility are words that are often repeated often from their vocabulary. This is ironic in the way that they do not think that anyone is trustworthy except for themselves, and are often identifying those around them that need to take the reigns of responsibility, when they do not recognize that it is they themselves that are completely lacking in this area. They start projects that they never finish, do things they think you need to have done, and are constantly testing and judging you without telling you they are doing it. This my way or the highway personality displays moments of spiritual brillance in writing or artistry, but can never explain the path that led them there. Everything must have a use to the Capricorn, and if it doesn't seem useful, then it must not be necessary and should be abandoned for their list of important accomplishments of life. Money and those that have money are their idols, but these are the cheapest of the cheap in the heavenly realm.