Written In The Stars

Jan 20 - Feb 18
I Know. Aquarius is the genius, the revolutionary, the truthsayer, and the inventor. The 11th sign of the zodiac is eccentric and a non-conformist. Freedom-loving Aquarius is on a constant quest for invention and often goes about it in a reckless “mad scientist” sort of way.And so, Aquarius is anything but normal. And, while it may be hard for Aquarius to acquire close friends, this sign is often emotionally disconnected from others as he/she spends most of the time in their head—once you’re in Aquarius’ bubble, you’ll find you have a very good friend and one that allows you to truly be yourself.
Latin Meaning
Luck Charm
Water Bearer
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Often Aquarius thinks they are a water sign. This is because they are the designated Spiritual Water Carrier to the rest of us. They are magnetic individuals that connectd people with one another. Often when you meet them, they will say, "I know somebody I must introduce you too." Always go with this, they know where you belong next. Aquarius also possesses "The Midas Touch." If they decide to attempt something with their whole heart, they will be uncommonly successful at it. They will be good at anything they feel passionate about. They are about meeting new people, experiencing all types of cultures and experiences, and free love. They have the most open minds and hearts when it comes to love. And they love their friends most of all. They hold the title of friendship higher than that of marriage. They stay in the present better than the other air signs and do not care to dwell in the past or follow any type of tradition. They are all about whats new, gorgeous, and delicious. And you can tell by who they are involved with. Want to feel like you are at a party with the most visually stunning people ever? Go to a party hosted by an Aquarius! Aquarius subconsciously looks for those that will not only listen, but will give them attention! And this is not in a needy way, but someone that notices the little details they have done. Notice these details, and you will be close to their heart forever. And speaking of hearts, they have the biggest of them when sharing emotion. So much so that they wrap themselves in a spiritual love with many individuals, and it becomes the toughest to tie an Aquarius down to monogamy. If you suffocate them they will simply fly away. Their biggest fear is one of being alone, but of all the signs, it is this one that often chooses to be alone in the end.