Written In The Stars

Feb 19 - March 20
I Dream, I Believe. Pisces is the mystic, the dreamer, the poet, and the dancer. The 12th sign functions in a dual world of fantasy and reality (Pisces is depicted by two fish swimming in opposite directions). Pisces is often spiritual and yet often ashamed to be. And, while artistic Pisces is often a successful photographer or filmmaker, he/she still needs clear direction in order to accomplish things every day. Without direction, Pisces drifts easily into a fantasy world because sometimes, for Pisces, reality is a hard thing to face. And that aversion to reality is what often leads Pisces to practice escapism and to mask emotions with drugs and alcohol. Therefore, it is crucial for Pisces to learn how to establish boundaries with others and tap into his/her spirituality in order to seek truth and meaning during the human experience.
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Luck Charm
Sea Green
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The last of the Zodiac, the one that has lived all of the other signs (according to its mythology) is Pisces. Pisces have one rule and one rule only. "I will love you, until I don't." Because this sign has expereienced all of the other signs in one form or another, they are the true empathe. They are able to take themselves out of their bodies and put themselves in your shoes as you tell them you deepest darkest secrets. Ever find yourself talking with someone and saying you can't believe you are telling them this? You are more than likely talking to a Pisces. And why is this? It is because Pisces is the only true listener in the bunch. Sure everyone hears, and everyone listens somewhat, but the Pisces is truly listening to you. Pisces life is a collage, which is to say they take pieces of peoples lives that work, and make it their own. The things they do are a testament to the people that they know. They choose to see the world through rose colored glasses, and see people through them as well. They are the true oddball. They know they don't fit into any mold and if they can make peace with this attribute, they will thrive. Don't mistake their niceness for weakness, as they are also known as "The Great Undoer." This meaning that just as they can build you up, they can find your weakness, unscrew the screw and you will devistatingly fall into a pile of rubble right before their very eyes. You see theirs is a world where the seen world is just as real as the unseen. They will never get stuck in their heads as they always strive for authenticity. And if you are fake, or lying, or a negative force, they will make sure you receive yours.