Written In The Stars

April 20 - May 20
I Have. Taurus is the earth spirit, the musician, the quiet one, and the Buddha. The shy second sign of the zodiac is a loving, loyal and steadfast companion regardless of what’s happening around him/her. While Taurus often moves slowly when it comes to work (or even life), this sign does so with practicality, consistency, and a detachment from results. Taurus is organized and an excellent financial planner (Taurus people are good accountants). Taurus doesn’t spend money lavishly either. Above all else, the earthy sign values simplicity, order, and love.
Latin Meaning
Luck Charm
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Taurus is known for killing the plant before they even get around to planting the seed. This will only make sense to the Taurus. What is every possible scenario to the situation that I am about to enter, and which path is the most likely to provide me with an outcome that is high on return, and low on effort. They will always have tools and be prepared for any situation. You, as other Earth signs, like to help others at the side of the road when they are broke down. Don't have the answer or the tool necessary for solution? Taurus does, and they are the can execute anything that can be dreamed. Music is their key to unlocking their connection with the spiritual realmsl and once found, they can be a vessel for wisdom and light. They can also unfortunately lie and deny better than any other personality out there. You have been warned. Their physical prowess, sexuality, and allure are real....you have been warned.