Written In The Stars

May 21 - June 20
I Think. Gemini is the observer, the teacher, the storyteller, and the journalist. The third sign of the zodiac is a natural-born intellectual who simply excels at verbal communication. While Gemini can no doubt tell a really good story, he/she also serves as an outstanding listener.This sign is artistic, flexible, efficient, and a fast-on-the-feet thinker who connects easily to the masses while maintaining emotional distance (Gemini rarely needs others for entertainment; he/she can easily spend all day thinking, learning and creating on their own). It is important, then, for airy Gemini to learn how to still the mind, align the heart with words, and to realize words simply aren’t needed for everything.
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The Twins
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Always been given the bad reputation, the Gemini is the most misunderstood. They do not have two personalities. They simply live in a world of extremes. They see everything in black and white. Yes or No. Do It or Don't, Hot or Cold. Shit or Get Off The Pot. Unless you want advice that is blunt and to the point, don't ask a Gemini. For Example: If you wanted to quit smoking, and you were to ask them, they would say, "JUST STOP!" But this direct and to the point thinking is something most people need. You always know where you stand with them, and they will always give you options like grains on the sand of the seashore of what the possibilities may be. Imaginative, and always pushing for the best in themselves, don't be suprised when you have a shoe print on your back as they climb their way over you to the top. They are the gossip of the Zodiac, but this does not mean that they will give you their information in order to have it spread.....OH NO! Watch out if you decide to do this or to call them out in front of a group. They will draw the line in the sand and declare you their enemy. And I don't mean the cut you out of their life and not speak to you again type of enemy. It doesn't stop there! They pull out their Imperial Forces laser gun and will attempt to obliterate you back to stardust! They are on the trend of fashion and style, so they will always be put together. They like to take what works for them, and leave the rest. It appears as hypocrisy for others, but they comfortably move between the two worlds and have complete and utter resolve within it.