Written In The Stars

June 21 - July 22
I Feel. Cancer is the mother, the healer and the group unconscious. The fourth sign of the zodiac is ruled by his/her emotions. In fact, Cancer is so empathetic that he/she physically feels others’ emotions, a trait that may make Cancer sensitive and sometimes moody, and yet, this is the same trait that allows Cancer to be a natural healer. This sign exudes mother energy: Cancer is committed to his/her family and friends and connects with them in a genuine way. On the flip side, though, Cancer keeps a fairly small, tight-knit group of cronies and has a hard time letting in new people. It is important for water-y Cancer to accept tears and sadness as a necessary part of life. And, as a sign that is always giving to others, Cancer must take special care to take time to give something back to his/herself.
Latin Meaning
Luck Charm
Crescent Moon
Crab Or Turtle
Silver / White
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These are the mothers and the fathers of the Zodiac. They put heavy clout to words and titles like these: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Grands, etc.....The one exception comes with the word husband. The cancer mother knows that the husband is a means to an ends for their ultimately goal: children. Sometimes they will for lack of a better word, "remove the balls" from the husband and keep them for safe keeping. Cancer women play good with others as long as they are not a threat, then watch out, cuz those little claws pinch! Power struggle can abound. But on the lighter side, Cancer is over the hearth and home, they love Christmas more than any other sign. These are personalities that buy Christmas in July and speaking of July they are the patriots! They have flag ceremonies and parades for days. They have the comforts of homes and can make their home always feel warm and inviting. Their creativity is at a peak and they continually think of new and exciting things! Harnessing and directing all of the creativity is another story! Cancers love to shop, cook, and are best at looking at something that is broken or others consider garbage and creating a treausre beyond measure!! They nuture and take may under their wings. Don't ever tell them what to do, as their motto is this: "You Can't Tell Me What To Do!"....Try it sometime, you will see what I mean. They are keepers of eternal truths and can keep things buried deep within the shell of protection for years and years. Often they will refer to heart break or breaking their hearts. Remind them that the heart is a muscle, and a muscle can only become stronger by tearing it apart and building it back. They will love you forever and are loyal to the end. Hold them, cry with them, let them rest when the have done too much, and they will be yours forever!