Written In The Stars

July 23 - Aug 22
I Will. Leo is the King or Queen, the performer, the child, and the clown. The fifth sign of the zodiac is a fire-y life force that carries out every aspect of his/her life with conviction. Often seen as narcissistic, Leo easily grabs everyone’s attention, anytime. And, while Leo comfortably relishes in self-absorption, he/she is still fun to be around and always willing to give to others lavishly (material items and show-y parties for example replace “the warm fuzzies” for Leo).
Latin Meaning
Luck Charm
Gold / Orange
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What's to say about a Leo? Just ask them, they will tell you!!! But if they are telling you, and this is the best advice I can ever give: DON'T EVER INTERRUPT THEM!! They do not want you to give them advice or inject with a cute anecdote or piece of infromation about yourself....They want you as an audience, so just sit there and be quiet! Even if they are thinking out loud and want you to sit there while they type out a long ass email for hours, don't say anything! They want you as an audience member without the participation. You see the Leo is Clairaudient by nature and as they are talking things out they will do it outloud. They are hearing themselves and working through whatever it may be at the same time. They often learn how to read by reading aloud. This is not non-intelligent, this is knowing what their intuitive gift is and using it to their best ability. They are always telling you the truth...and when they are not, their lies are WHOPPPERS and you will be able to tell that they do not make any sense at all because they do not think through the details. And, DETAILS, do not bother them with the details, just get it done! These lions wear their hearts on their sleeves, so sarcasm, teasing and the sort goes straight to their core because they feel like you are personally spearing them and letting them to bleed out and die! Sound dramatic? Yes they are, and they can act and sing like no other. All of the greatest, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Barack Obama, etc are amazing speakers and entertainers, but if you were to ask them they would all be worried about the same thing: their words. So LEO's let me say this: never worry about your words because you have something that no one else does, and that;s feeling that attaches to your words and carries out among the masses. When you say it, we feel it. So don't not speak your mind and don't go against that fire in your belly when you have something to say.....SAY IT! BE AUTHENTIC! and ROAR!