Written In The Stars

Aug 23 - Sept 22
I Analyze. Virgo is the servant, the martyr, the perfectionist, and the analyzer. The sixth sign in the zodiac is ruled by his/her intellect. By nature, Virgo is organized. This sign functions with clarity and precision in everything he/she does. Along with that trait, though, often comes self-criticism. Virgos may find themselves feeling like he/she “should” do this or that. Therefore, to be truly happy, it’s important for Virgo to learn the difference between judgment and perception and keep criticism at bay. (Virgo is capable of criticizing others just as much as they criticize themselves.)
Latin Meaning
Luck Charm
The Virgin
Beige / Earth
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My Dear Virgo, To tell you to stop worrying, would be like telling the sun to stop shining. It cannot be done! So here is what I say to you oh worrier of the Zodiac, please try and worry less. Take yourself off the hook of judgment, and the higher standard that you have set for yourself that you would never hold anyone else to and think!! Thinking is your greatest asset and your spritiual gift. You mind is like a computer! You are taking in and calculating, making, transfiguring every little piece of data and history as fast and as much as your mother loving fingers can type....And you can type fast and HARD!! Give that keyboard a break once in awhile because it will still work even if you just stroke the keys. Virgo has the most beautiful of mythological allegories of any of the signs. Virgo is also our Lady Justice that is in every court of the United States of America and possibly the world. You see Lady Justice was once a ruler of the Golden Age. The Golden Age way before the Gods of Mount Olympus came to be. Lady Justice ruled and everything was beautiful, peaceful, and nature was regarded a sacred. Warlords and barbarians thought different and began violence, pillage, and stiriping Mother Earth of her resources and beauty. Lady Justice could not handle this and fled into the heavens. She blindfolded herself to the cruelty and savagery of man. She demanded Justice, but did not want to make the judgments or carry them out. She chose Libra, the scales, to do it for her. This is why the scales are held in Virgos hand. If they ask you to recycle, just do it. If they correct your spelling or offer a better word in place of the one that you have chosen, allow them. And if they cannot make up their mind because they are indecisive, remember their mythology and make it for them. They will always forget their keys or their wallet or sometimes even their debit card.....let them, as they have the worries of the world on their mind, and they are worrying about everything else for us.