Written In The Stars

Sept 23 - Oct 22
I (We) Balance. Libra is the lover, the artist, and the peacemaker. The seventh sign of the zodiac is ruled by love. Libra’s life revolves around harmonious relationships (partners riding a tandem bike is likely a Libra thing). In fact, for this airy sign, life is all about balance, which makes sense as Libra is depicted by scales. Libra is always weighing this and that. With so many possible outcomes for every situation, it is easy for Libra to become lost in indecision. Plus, Libra serves as the selfless diplomat and strives to maintain balance in others’ lives while often neglecting his/her own. This constant need to please others becomes an important life lesson for Libra: This sign must learn how to give themselves attention, too.
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The Scales
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In every justice court in America and much of the world, Libra is present. The scales which Virgo has placed in her hands are the decision of Justice. Virgo did not want to make decisions of judgment, but trusted Libra to make the final decision. This is because Libra is balance. They are only personality of the Zodiac that will not put themselves into advice and decision making. They will weigh the pros and the cons and then make the decision based on all of the facts of the problem. Libras show up in families where it is necessary for a deciding vote, and place where there is much chaos to bring calm, and where they can point out all of the beauty in each moment. They move with the trends and are allergic to drama! In fact, almost the mention of the word will send them running off into the sunset, sometimes never to return. But don't think that this sign is all wine and roses, although these two items are housed within this sign. In a study of murders across the US, Liibras rank #1 on Death Row. This is attributed to the statistic that most murders are personal, in the moment, and more often than not, a crime of passion. They also believe that they are capable of getting away with it, which leads them to their demise on the dark path. Libras are able to position themselves to talk to the right people at the right time and place in order to gain advancement in career and money affairs. If you are ever facing a big decision, consult a Libra. And if you don't have any big decisions on the horizon, just call them, they love to discuss and laugh!