Written In The Stars

Oct 23 - Nov 21
I Desire. Scorpio is the detective, the sorcerer, the therapist, and the surgeon. The eighth sign of the zodiac is a man or woman of little words, he/she easily communicates non-verbally. They are intense, mysterious, and very sexual (Scorpio craves a spiritual union). Unfortunately, Scorpio is notorious for his/her self-destructive nature (a scorpion, the depiction of this sign, is the only animal that will commit suicide if faced with danger). Luckily, if Scorpio can overcome his/her own destruction, need for control and power, this sign is capable of being a healer and displaying truth, strength, and courage. It is important then, for Scorpio to learn how to be emotionally honest, how to relinquish his/her need for control, and how to accept sadness as a part of life.
Latin Meaning
Solar Plexus
Luck Charm
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Don't even need to ask them, they know they are hands down the best at SEX. And not in the way that you think. They are not always the most put together amazing specimen ever to walk the face of the Earth (although their eyes if you look deep enough will send you into a trance that will make your heart sink and fall deeply into their emotional vibration). They are the best because they give all of themselves into the physicality and connectivness of what sexual tension, relation, and release is all about. They represent the highest and the lowest of what this orgasmic connectinon is supposed to mean. I always tell my girlfirends on a breakup, "Go find a Scorpio, reconnect, and find youself, YOU ARE WELCOME!!" I have yet to not be thanked. They can be elusive, and a lot of times they live on the edge and fringe of feelings and emotional testing, but once you locate one, and slowly.....YES slowly, get to know them, once you have them you will be in a wave that you wish not to end, or so I have heard. They are edgy, and protective, jealous, and remember, possess a stinger that is deadly. They protect family and friends once in their circle, they see you as a prized possession and will make sure you are cleaned regularly, look your best, and never have a blemish. They serve to love, and if you don't see how deeply they feel........STUNG.