Written In The Stars

Nov 22 - Dec 21
I Seek, I See. Sagittarius is the gypsy, the student, the philosopher, and the Shaman. The ninth sign of the zodiac boasts an ever-expanding mind; Sagittarius is always on a spiritual and/or emotional quest that often includes physical travel and adventure. In short, Sagittarius is the eternal student. And with such expansion comes a lighthearted optimism of which every other sign in the zodiac could benefit from. Sagittarius stresses the need to live, to laugh, to have fun, and to learn because, ultimately, nothing matters.
Latin Meaning
Luck Charm
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Hi, my name is ________ and my job title is __________. More or less how a Sagittarius lines up and spits out his opponents. They are good at work and they like what they do. Their identify is tied trememndously to their career in life. So if they talk about work a lot....GET USED TO IT! If they don't then they are out of balance and need to find the career that they were destined for, this is what they are good at. They work! They excel! They love when it involves travel or meeting new people or cultures or both!! They look for education and want to learn learn learn learn learn and learn some more (preferably while they are traveling to learn). Sagittarius is the least ego driven of the fire signs and the most patient!! They can teach, or boy can they teach...just ask them! But they are also essential in the transition of people from this world to the next. Much like fire becomes smoke, Sag will be surrounded by death often. If they wonder why, simply convey this, "You have a way of being their for those that have passed or their loved ones that no one else is able to do....You are essential, you are assisting in the transition from the physical realm reintroduced to the spiritual existence. And they like to have a party! Love thrill rides and fun....so don't deny them, they will escape, and you will only have yourself to blame. Always popular and the life of the party, find a Sagittartius, and have the time of your life.